Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seriously? What Crack Are You On?

BITR txt'd me today. "U around?"
Me: "Why?"
BITR: "So I can call u"


Rather than replying, I just dialed his number. I was not about to waste my txt msgs on this.

He answered and told me all about his day yesterday. Job interview ran late, rugby, beers/networking.. He didn't get home til 12:30 last night, and he figured I'd be asleep.

I replied. "You were supposed to call me yesterday so we could get together. No where in that activity of yesterday did it occur to you to call me and give me a heads up? I can see when you log in. You logged in at 6pm. It didn't occur to you to send me a quick note stating you weren't going to have time?"

To be fair, my tone was not happy. I'd just finished a phone call to AT&T to get them to stop anally raping me, so I wasn't in the best mood.

But seriously? What kind of balls would you have to have to pull that shit?

I barely got half way through my spiel and he interrupted: "Obviously things aren't working out. Sorry to have bothered you. Have a good day." Click.

While its always sad to see someone you'd invested in walk away, I'm very glad he did.

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