Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Silly Little Girl Love

True Love Waits Sterling Silver Ring - Size 7
I'm in love. Swooning Love. I've been here for a while.

It's not real love. Ok, it might be a start at real love.. you know.. "The first time I saw him, I knew...." blah blah blah.. But basically this is mostly of my own imagination.

To be honest, the first time I saw him reading me.. I swooned. I mean really.. what is a guy like that doing reading a girl like me?

But its not all romantic dreamy.. He has his flaws. Flaws that only make him more human and lovable. His flaws are like scar wounds. Things that show where he's been and how he's pulled through. Things that show he knows that balance between work and play, reponsibility and irresponsibility, love and.. war.

There is nothing I've learned of him so far that hasn't endeared me to him.

I mostly admire him from afar. I read him. I've looked at his pictures. I've heard his voice.

I see his IP showing that he's read me, and I smile. It brightens my day. He comments on something I posted, and my heart does a little flitter.

But when I think about possibly meeting him.. and all the things that a real relationship entails, I start to panic at all the things that threaten to shatter this happy silly girl love.

He's a dream of a reality that I'm not ready to experience. So I've not pushed things or tried to make things more than the ethereal dream they are right now. I'm not ready for this dream to end, or for reality to come crashing in.

Black Ring Box with White Bow - Simple and ElegantIts my silly little girl fantasy. My hope in a box.

For now its enough, this little love from afar, flirting play we're in. Maybe someday, I'll be brave enough for more.


  1. Aww, I love crushing on someone! I don't think we ever grow out of it. It's fun and sweet - enjoy!

  2. nothing like a crush from afar! :)

  3. Unrequited love always has the sweetest flavor yet is the hardest for the heart's palate to accept. Here's hoping yours matures from unrequited to true love and saves your tastebuds ;)

  4. What a lovely capsule. I know it well. My guy has flaws too that make me just want to snuggle him up. When reality comes to call, we'll see how it all turns out.

    So, do you think your object of affection may know when he reads your post that he is the one you're writing about?

  5. OLS - Unless my crush is a hidden narcissist, I can't imagine that he would know that its him. (Plus I threw in a few things that might throw him off the scent) I think its vague enough that it would fit most of the men who read this. LOL

    Though it would be scary if he knew.. a little too much reality for me right now.

  6. I understand and applaud the crush. Pending I have one of my own going on (although my isn't from afar). Let's hope that both turn out the way that they should...because let's face it..aren't we both great? lol