Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Need To Get High, I'm There Already

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So I had this interesting conversation with a guy friend the other day, and as it turns out he might be a pothead.

Once upon a time when I was just a young innocent girl (yes I know it’s hard to believe, now shhh) this revelation would have shocked me, and I'd have backed away like he said he had lice and offered me some.

Anymore though.. especially with living in Austin like I do.. it was like he said he likes to go Kayaking or White Water rafting. Two things that I don't do and have never done, but I can sort of relate to.. sort of.

I mean I've been in water. I've been tubing. I've rowed a canoe and a rowboat. I can extrapolate. I'm good like that. And I'm relatively certain that my exuberance level at rowing a canoe while the other occupants were trying to tip it mid-stream probably directly correlates to the excitement of white water rapids for others. (If I've not mentioned my fear of water with fish in it before, please insert that context into here.) Let’s just leave out my experience with tubing while being chased by a water moccasin. They were exciting adventures. Thrilling. and semi-death defying (shut up they were too).

Marijuana Weed Pot Leaf Black & White Mesh Cap HatBut back to the chat about Mary-Jo-Wanna...

I'm honestly not sure how we got to talking about it. But we started to talk about getting high and had I experienced it.

Most of my life, though I was pretty much a goody-two-shoes.. still kinda am, people often looked at me like I was.. well.. high. I related well with potheads. It wasn't until a few years ago, that I really figured out why. And this conversation with my friend only cemented this theory for me.

See as my friend and I talked about getting high on pot, the more he explained.. the more I explained about my experiences with being "high"...

FYI... I've never smoked pot. Just in case you were worried. I did get a second hand high once, that was enough.. thanks.

Anyway.. the more I realized that I didn't need Mary-Jo.

See, I get high with certain allergic reactions. (I know crazy right?) Just ask my friends. They've seen it. One minute I'm all fluent in English and having logical thought patterns.. the next I'm.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 25th Anniversary Editionwell.. I'm..

"Trapped in body with a broken babblefish"

And everything you say sounds like "Waaaaa Waaaaa Waaaa" (yes the Charlie Brown parents' speak).

The world gets a little unsteady, movement feels quite like an amusement park ride, and I turn into bonafide "stupid".. I seriously have trouble remembering my name.

I even sometimes get the munchies later.

So I don't need no Mary-Jo.. I can get my high cheap, legally... well of course a little death defying..

Woodstock Remembered Marijuana Leaf Pewter Pendant on Adjustable Cord NecklaceWhich is why I avoid it.

PS: That one time I did get second hand Mary-Jo high.. Scared the ever-loving crap out of me, I thought I was having an allergic reaction. Fortunately, no.. it just rendered me uncoordinated and a moron for a few hours. Phew.


  1. I used to think MJ was a big deal (the weed, not the greatest basketball player that ever lived) but now I just look at it like alcohol. It only becomes a problem when used in excess. Maybe one day I'll try it, maybe I won't (although it sure would help me understand why people think Pineapple Express was such a great movie..MAYBE).

    Only problem I have w/those that use it is the same arguments they use to fight for legalizing it can be said of ordinary tobacco which is now the 8th Deadly Sin apparently. That, and I am leery of living in a world where stoners could potentially operate heavy machinery near me. But, from my limited experiences, otherwise, stoners are pretty friendly people so I let them do what they like while I do what suits me.

  2. Is that... normal? Haha, I've never heard of allergies giving someone a high-like reaction before.

  3. Mshort - its actually not uncommon with the "smaller" allergies.. the ones that show up on tests as 1 or 2. Most people just live with it and don't know it. Often shows up as OCD, lack of coordination, klutsiness, mood swings, compulsive eating (aka munchies), and austism.