Monday, October 12, 2009

Trust Yourself, Woman!

I really should never doubt myself. I don't know why I do. Maybe every once in a while I need that glimmer of hope that I'm wrong.

Sure I'm often wrong about dates, times, places. Who won the Superbowl in 1979? Yep I'm gunna be wrong on that too.

But on reading people and their intentions.. I'm rarely wrong. Sometimes I really wish I was more wrong than I am.

Mr. "I'm really interested in you" has disappeared. No word. No date yesterday like promised. Just PooooooF!

This leaves me very little hope that Mr. Hottub is going to call this week, or that I'll even think about giving him a second chance.

I did meet a wonderful guy this weekend. He's smart, funny, and has a good job. He's a Christian and actually goes to church of his own accord.

Its been a long time since I've met someone like that.

He flirted with me for quite a while, and I think even offered to buy me a drink but I was a little too slow on the uptake. (Sometimes I'm really freaking stupid).

He's out of my league though. He's tall, good looking, kind, and ... well, way above any guy that's even looked twice at me in recent years. So I flirted back as "friendly", not sure what to do.

I also encouraged him to flirt with this Philippine girl, though just for the premise of saving her from this guy who is .. well.. a jerk. The jerk left, but she still hung on Mr. Christian. And he flirted with both of us. At one point he had his arm around me and not around her, but I still wasn't sure if we were friends or more than? or ?

A few of us decided to go to another bar, and some people carpooled. I drove myself since the place was closer to home and I'd just met these guys tonight. He however gave the Philippine girl a ride.

We all joked around at the bar together. Him always sitting between me and the Philippine girl. He seemed to be showing us equal attention. So I really was confused and figured he just wanted friends.

At one point, she offered him her phone so he could put in his details, which he did.

Then as the group was leaving to go home, he turned to me and asked if I wanted to join him (just us) at somewhere else. He apologized and said he needed to drive the Philippine girl to her car, but after that.. Somewhere in my head, the little alarm bells went off that all he wanted was sex.

On this, I'm hoping that I'm wrong.

I gave him my number and my email address, and told him I'd love to hang out again sometime but that I needed to get going home.

I may see him tonight at another group meeting.. maybe. And maybe he'll call. I really do like him, and while I'm hoping.. I don't have a whole lot of hope.


  1. Regarding "He's out of my league though" I'm going to quote a tweet from @Shitmydaysays that came out today actually! "That woman was sexy...Out of your league? Son. Let women figure out why they won't screw you, don't do it for them." I think the same goes in reverse, my dear!

  2. Hey.. I still flirted and gave him my number.

  3. Never think a guy is out of your league. Seriously, you are too good or that. Any man would be lucky to even be in the same room with you.

    As for you not having hope with men...girl, you meet more men than I could possibly imagine! You must have something that draws these men to you ;-)

  4. If only I knew what it was. I shall think on it, and post my findings.