Friday, July 9, 2010

Stop The Muffin-Top Bra!

Jezebel Women's Bow Boudoir Demi Pushup Bra #12054,Black,34D

I don't talk much about fashion though I have to say I definitely have some strong opinions on it. The other night I was watching late late night TV.. couldn't sleep.. and came across a waste of time called "The Wendy Williams Show" which I watched mostly because I was doing other things and not caring a whole lot about what was on.

Then she started talking about fashion and had a fashion expert on the show. The fashion expert had some good tips, so I paid attention.

Then Wendy and a guest (not the fashionista) began to talk about bra selection. They both said that they thought (or used to think) that having that little bubble of breast hanging over the top of the bra was sexy. They both had been told by fashion experts to buy larger (better fitting) bras.
Lilyette Women's Air Lift? Sexy Air Pad Push Up Bra,Black,40C
Dear Women of the World.. (men if you disagree please comment and tell me why)

Wearing your boobs out in public in a bra that is too small causing your boobs to bubble over the top or outside of the bra.. IS DISGUSTING!

Its not sexy. It makes you look like you're fashion stupid or poor (can't afford an appropriately sized bra) or just a trashy woman without any taste.

Please please please.. go into your nearest department store or lingerie shop with knowledgeable staff and get yourself measured for an appropriate size.
Jezebel Women's Lulu Demi Contour Bra,Black,32D
Unlike our shoes.. our boobs size can change at the drop of a hat. Weight gain. Weight loss. Even time of the month (hormonal) can cause size changes.. which in some women can be very significant. So you may need a couple choices of fits.

For most of us women, our boobs are one of our greatest selling features when dating. When we want to look good, a good bra can sometimes make or break an outfit. (Not to mention what a good bra can do for the .. umm.. gym. - As my childhood friend said about my sister as she ran to first base in softball "Holy Cow! She could knock herself out with those.")

Jezebel Women's Desire Unlined Demi Bra,Black,34BHonestly women.. I cannot stress this enough.. when it comes to fashion.. to looking good.. to making an impression.. a good fitting bra is essential.

A muffin-top bra is never acceptable. So stop it... stop it now!

(please notice that all pictures are muffin-top free.. take notes.)


  1. I never used to be a boob guy but as my drought continues, I believe I'm being turned to the dark side of female worship more each day. Now I'll be examining whether a woman's doing the muffin top bra thing ta' boot. Thank you for contributing to the delinquency of a male mind, Maruska ;)

  2. I'm confused by these pics...are they all supposed to represent the "right fit"? Now I don't support muffin top boobs in an obscene way but I would say that #2 has muffin top in a deliciously normal way and the other 3 photos, the cup size is actually too big...especially in the 3rd pic.

  3. But what if you have ONE muffin boob and one turtle head boob? Does the muffin book get preference in fitting? Please advise.

  4. What photos? Am I missing something here? I use Firefox and I see no photos! :(

  5. SSD - They all "fit" and I noticed also that the 3rd one is a little big. The 2nd one is a pushup, but it doesn't hang over the edge of the bra so not a muffin top. The other two do look like the right fit to me.

    JH - Yep.. the larger boob gets the preference. You can always add stuffing, its a little hard to take it away. PS - there are seamstresses that do make custom lingerie just for that situation.

    OLS - yes there are photos sprinkled in the post. I'm not sure why you're not seeing them as my Firefox shows them.